LIC Online Payment

LIC Online Payment Steps for New and Registered Users – LIC Online Registration

LIC Online Payment facility will save your precious time visiting LIC Branch offices. Any policyholder of LIC can register online and avail this service. Hence, using Online LIC Payment service, one can pay premiums online within minutes and also check their policy status whether they are a registered user or not. So, if you have internet facility, you can easily explore these LIC e-services. The complete stepwise procedure of LIC Premium Payment Online is available here.

LIC Premium Payment

LIC Online Payment

Are you still standing in long queues for LIC of India Premium Payment? Life Insurance Corporation of India has come up with an idea of LIC Online Payment which is convenient, easier and safest way to make a regular premium payment from any corner of the world. In the older method, the people have to stand in long queues and spend their whole day at the LIC Branch Offices which is a time-consuming process. So to reduce the effort of the customers and save their time, LIC India started a new method of premium payment, i.e., LIC Online Premium Payment. With this new facility, the insured can pay the premium any day since it works 24*7.

The Online Payment Gateway provides you with an on demand service within a few clicks. You can now have many of the functionalities that were available only at a branch office, online at your fingertips. The Life Assured can get the payment instructions within the comforts of their home or office, and avoid the personal visit to LIC branch. In this article, we have provided the procedure on How to make LIC Online Payment in simple steps. We hope after going through this article, you may feel this is the easy way to pay the premiums online without any hesitation.

About LIC India

Life Insurance Corporation of India is the leading Insurance Company in India because LIC India was controlled by the Government of India. The Head Quarters was located in Mumbai. In the year 1956, LIC had 5 zonal offices, 33 divisional offices, and 212 branch offices, apart from its corporate office. But today LIC functions with 2048 fully computerized branch offices, 113 divisional offices, 8 zonal offices, 1381 satellite offices and the Corporate office. The Wide Area Network of LIC covers 113 divisional offices and connects all of its branches through a Metro Area Network (MAN).

LIC has also tied up with some Banks and Service providers to offer on-line premium collection facility in the specified cities. The ECS and ATM premium payment facility in LIC is an additional benefit to the customer convenience. It also provides insurance products to their customers, which include Insurance Plans, Pension Plans, Unit-Linked Plans, Special Plans and Group Schemes.

LIC Alternate Channels of Premium Collection

LIC Premium is a due but why stand in a queue? Many of us have taken policies from LIC but only a few know about the options that are available with LIC to pay their premium. We have two channels available such as Online and Offline modes. Here we have provided both the modes for making the LIC Online Payment.

Online Mode of Premium Collection:

Online Payment Channel

LIC of India Online Payment can be done in following ways

  1. LIC Website.
  2. Authorized banks.
  3. Franchisees.
  4. Merchant.

Offline Mode of Premium Collection:Offline Payment Channel

How to Pay LIC Premium Online?

LIC of India login page helps customers/ Agents/ Development Officers to log in on the official page of  LIC. There are few simple steps which have to be followed by the Life Assured to log on the LIC Web Page. If you are a New User, you have to register at the LIC Portal and complete LIC Online Registration process; then only you are allowed to pay the premium amount. Recently LIC has been introduced a new facility called LIC Pay Direct which helps you to pay the premium without registration but with only policy details.

This LIC Online Payment facility is absolutely free and doesn’t require any registration charges, annual costs, and hidden costs. The Step by Step Procedure of LIC Online Premium Payment for New users is as follows.

LIC Premium Payment Procedure for New and Registered Users

  1. Login to the LIC Direct Website.

2. Go to Online Services tab as shown below and click on Pay Premium Online.

LIC Home Page

3. You will be directed to a page with two options of Pay Direct and Pay Premium through e-Services.

4. Click on Pay premium through LIC eservices option.

5. You will be directed to a window showing the following options.

LIC New User

6. Click on New User as shown above for online registration.

7. Enter the details such as Policy Number, Installment Premium, Date of Birth, etc. and click on proceed.


8. Create a User Name and Password of your own with that your registration process is completed.

9. Now Log in with your User Name, Password and Click on Submit button.

10. Already Registered users may directly click on the Registered User then Login with your Username and Password.

11. Once you log in, you need to enroll your policy to retrieve your policy details.

12. In the left side menu, you have an option “Enroll policies.” Click on Enroll policies and give your Policy number and premium amount as shown below and click on View Enrolled Policies.


13. A page appears in that you have to enter the text from the image.

LIC registered user text

14. By entering the above text, you can view your enrolled policies.

15. Click on the ‘LIC Pay Premium Online’ link and you will see a list of policies that are enrolled in your account. Select the relevant policy which you want to pay the premium and click on the submit button.

16. The Policy Number, Premium Amount, and other details will be displayed as shown below.

17. Select Pay Premium and Click on Submit button.


18. Choose one of the premium payment options available – LIC Online Payment through Credit Card or Debit Card or Net Banking.

19. Pay the amount along with convenience fee and service tax which were different for credit and debit cards.

LIC Online

20. You can view the premium receipt anytime. It is one of the advantages if we are making the payment online. We can keep the receipts safely and take the printouts anytime.

21. The copy of the receipts will be sent to your email-id which is registered with your policy number.

LIC Online Premium Payment without Registration

Forgetting the password for your LIC log in page to pay LIC premium is the common thing. The reason is you regularly not log into this page as your premium will be either yearly or half yearly. So LIC created one more facility where you no need to register, instead directly you can pay online without any hassle. The old online premium payment process of LIC, ask you to register on LIC India website with a User ID and password. But If you forgot your user id and password then you have no option but to go to LIC branch and pay the premium. LIC Online Payment using LIC PayDirect is explained in details below.

Online LIC Payment Steps

  • First of all, Login to the LIC Direct Website.
  • Go to LIC Online Services tab as shown below and click on Pay Premium Online.
  • Click on LIC Direct Pay option as shown below.

Pay Direct

  • You will be directed to a page of LIC Premium Online Payment.
  • Fill the details such as Policy Number, Installment Premium, Date of Birth, Email Id, etc.


  • Choose one of the premium payment options available and make the LIC India Online Payment along with convenience fee and service tax which were different for credit and debit cards.
  • The Premium receipt will be emailed to your registered mail Id.
  • The Policyholder can also check the LIC Transaction Status or LIC Online Payment Status easily by entering the Policy number and Transaction date.

Transaction Status

How to Pay LIC Premium in Offline Mode?

In Offline mode, the Policyholder may pay the premium amount in three options such as Bill Pay, ECS, and ATM. You can choose any one option from these and make the LIC Premium payment at Cash Counter of LIC India itself.

  • If you choose the payment through ATM option, Online LIC Premium Payment is available in one of the following banks.

1. Corporation Bank.
2. Axis Bank.
3. ICICI Bank.

  • If you choose the payment through Bill Pay option, you have to visit the LIC Branch office. The LIC Cash counter timings are given below.


  • Electronic Clearance Service (ECS):

In the Electronic Clearance Service method, the premium is electronically debited from your bank account on a stipulated date based on the due date of the policy. Once enabled, this method provides a convenient way to pay policy premium. It is automatic and the only thing to be ensured is that required amount is available with the account.

Enjoy the Online payment service of the Life Insurance Corporation and save your precious time. I hope this article about LIC Premium Online Payment will be helpful to all the people.